Coffee Mugs and Cups.
Coffee Mugs and Cups.

Why Promotional Mugs are brilliant!
I love freebies, hand me Promotional Umbrellas or Promotional Mugs and I’ll be your best mate for life. Brollies are brilliant for the British climate and as a nation of tea drinkers Promotional Mugs never miss the mark either. I don’t think you go wrong with Promotional Mugs for a campaign, they’re amazing marketing materials. You’ll find Promotional Mugs lying around workplaces they are displayed on desks and send out clear messages wherever and whenever they are used. It’s easy to create the right type of impression using colourful cups that are fabulous for brand awareness. Everybody likes something for nothing I don’t care what they say, so don’t be a mug when it comes to marketing.

15 Do's and Don'ts of Glassware
Everyone has their own collection of glassware and cutlery to serve their favourite drinks and cuisine on There are some people who also have a fetish of collecting different types of glassware to decorate their kitchen and dining hall

Printed Mugs- Coffee Time
Printed mugs are a long time promotional item Printed mugs create a lasting impression when they are given and your customers see your company name and logo

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